Books I Wouldn’t Survive Without: POST TWO

Hi, folks.

Next book(s) on my list(which, by the way, is in no particular order) is *drumroll and off-key fanfare* OKAY, OKAY! *holds ears* It’s the Divergent series .

Divergent showed me so much about forced life, along with other books. It showed how to go about forgiveness, and how to live selflessly. Well, I can’t say I do, but Veronica Roth tried.

Back on task.

Divergent taught how to accept myself and others.

What Abnegation Taught Me:

  • To think of others first
  • To live as simply as your mind can bear it
  • Gray is not boring

What Amity Taught Me:

  • Listen first to their story.
  • Kindness is irreplaceable virtue.

What Candor Taught Me:

  • The truth can protect. The truth can hurt. But the truth is better than lies.
  • Think of what you mean. Say what you mean, not a variation.

What Dauntless Taught Me:

  • Go for it.
  • Stand up for your friends.

What Erudite Taught Me:

  • Knowledge can be powerful.
  • Enlightenment is as close as you can get to understanding.

Oh, and I’m an Erudite. A good one. Not a LET’S GO NUTS FOR KNOWLEDGE AND DESTROY THE WORLD Erudite. In the war I would’ve sided with Amar, Tris, Christina, Tobias, Uriah etc.


The 2015 Nerd

“Moths,” repeats Will. “You’re afraid of moths?”

“Not just a cloud of moths,” she says, “like…a swarm of them. Everywhere. All those wings and legs and…” She shudders and shakes her head.

“Terrifying,” Will says with mock seriousness. “That’s my girl. Tough as cotton balls.”

“Oh, Shut up.”
― Veronica Roth


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